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Consulting an ENT allergist is a wise choice. You want a physician that has a broad background of knowledge to treat your problems. A medical evaluation and onsite allergy testing are the first steps to finding out what can help you. Our office offers allergy shots and sublingual drops as a treatment option.


Oral Drops
Taken daily for 3-5 yearsTaken weekly for three years then every 2,3 or 4 weeks for 3-5 years (approximately)
Drops taken at home. Only the first dose of each new build-up bottle must be taken at the office (every 21 days for 4 build-up bottles).First five injections at physician’s office then may be taken at home.
No time away from work or school except during build-up phase. A 20 minutes wait is required after taking drops (once every 21 days). Time to get injections plus a 15 minute wait after receiving injections (only during initial 5 injections).
No needles or apprehension.
Very small chance of mild reactions.
Small needles used for injections.
Small chance of mild reactions.
Maintenance dose achieved in 84 days. May have fewer allergy-related symptoms in 2-3 months.Maintenance dose achieved in 1-2 years. May have fewer allergy-related symptoms in 6-8 months.
Not covered by insurance; requires payment by cash, credit card or check. May be able to use flexible spending account.

$75.00 each for the 4 build-up bottles (One bottle every 21 days).
$150.00 for Maintenance Bottle (lasts 2 months)

Maintenance bottles can be mailed with a credit card payment over the phone

Approximately $900.00 per year.
Partially or completely covered by most insurance after deductible is met, if applicable.

Injection in office $22.00 for 5 weeks
Serum $290.00 every 2 months

Approximately $1508.00 per year.
Extracts FDA approved but delivery method not approved. Insurance will not cover extracts because of delivery method.Extracts and delivery method approved by FDA.
Patient responsible for correct dose and staying on daily schedule.Patient responsible for staying on schedule, but nurse responsible for correct dose.
Patient required to have liquid Benadryl & EpiPen on hand when drops are taken.Patient required to have liquid Benadryl & EpiPen on hand for home injections.